“What you seek is seeking you.” ― Rumi

Rev. L'Vereese Britten

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About L'Vereese

Through broad exposures and experiences, L'Vereese has deepened and widened her inherited talents from her family's vast lineage of spiritually gifted psychics and healers. L'Vereese professionally continues the development of her gifts. She's currently a Minister of Healing,  Reiki Master, Angelic Channel and a Certified Intuitive Life Coach. 

L'Vereese’s intuitive gifts were evident in her early childhood. L'Vereese has dedicated her life to the integration of religion and spirituality for world unity, peace and oneness. L'Vereese has trained and developed all her gifts, talents, and skills with love and dedication to God for over 20 years with conscious individuals and various healing modalities. With the vision that all spiritual paths lead to the same destination.

believe in a world of oneness and peace. I believe  that we have the power to change the world and it starts with one person at a time. The secret to success in Universal Love and Oneness is YOU! Let's start by empowering our mind to have heaven on earth!

L'Vereese's  mission is to assist clients with the ability to connect to Body, Mind and Spirit. My focus is on helping individuals and families have a broader perspective of their lives. I work with clients on their ambitions and dreams while taking a more spiritual approach on reaching them. I believe that we can change the world and it starts one person at a time.


L'Vereese has services that fit the needs of individuals and families that will help promote positive growth and wellness while teaching techniques that help affirm and empower each individual to live the life they are truly meant to have.


L'Vereese specializes in working with the spirited and special needs children and families. L'Vereese believes that these children need to be understood and heard. I support the caretakers of these children by giving them tools and support that will help them better understand and adapt to the needs of these children.  


My  goal is to help teach people to build better lives for themselves, which will enable a better world.. As we help change the world, one person at a time!

Rev. L'Vereese Britten