“What you seek is seeking you.” ― Rumi

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January Tidbits

01/27/2016 00:47
"What you seek is seeking you"   --- Rumi    To Schedule Call:   (615) 768-9282

Tips To Help You Jump Start Your Year. 

As we enjoy the second month of winter. I know that many of us have felt the weight of this winter's edge, whether physically or mentally. The heaviness of this winter's stagnation has many of us, uptight and ready to pull out thier hair and scream, including myself.  These long cold months were meant to release a lot of the old pent up emotions,imbalanced relationships,bad habits or anything else that may know longer serve our true purpose.
So what are you intentions for this new year? I know that for many; setting and keeping goals can be extremely difficult. At times. We will write up a big to do list, then try and accomplish all the goals at once. This may seem like the best approach and you might even have the dedication and commitment. Then halfway through, the steam of what you want to accomplish runs out. This is when things can become critical because in our mind, it is our fault. We don't realize that we need a formal plan which would enable us to pursue our goals. Our self-sabatogeing ego screams "I am a Faliure" I am not good enough", "I'll never get what I want" ect. When you set clear intentions,(a intended purpose, aim or plan), You no longer look just at your goals( an aim or desired result).Your goals maybe were you see yourself going, but your intentions set the motion of how to get there. So be clear on what it is you want. Set your intentions, take action and live your dreams.
The Angel's would like to help you release the old energies so you can make way for what it is that you have been setting intentions on, or trying to manifest in your life right now. Below are some guidelines to remember.
  1. Ask for what it is you want in your life. The Angels cannot intervene unless you ask they are not allowed to invade free will.
  2. Please be clear on your intentions.The Angels can not stress enough that confusion of the mind eventually will bring the chaos and confusion you have been thinking into your world.
  3. Time to do a pre- spring clean up. Open the windows and let the stagnation out. Clean closets, Get rid of things that you have not used. Donate to charities, have a garage sale, give to the less fortunate but clear your way, for a cluttered house is a cluttered mind.
  4. Stop complaining and stay positive..Say affirmations daily, speak only of the things you want in your life. you already no what you don't like or want or lack, so why do you have to talk about it.
  5. Be Thankful.. Affirm in your life your blessings. Spend a couple minutes a day just acknowledging what you are thankful for in your life.
  6. Watch your words.The power of your words are tremendous! Remember that your thoughts are your words even if  they are not spoken they carry the same vibration.
(Watch what comes out of your mouth, you just might get exactly what you asked for!)
Channeled Message from Archangel Uriel  January 2016

Greetings Beloved.
 I am Arch Angel Uriel.. I come to you from the divine heart of God. In a loving embrace, I ask that you please pay attentions to your bodies! For health issues,emotional issues or even for divine guidance. Your body is a temple that shelters your soul, honor it. It is your true clue to understanding things of this world. It is an instrument and should be treated as the uniqueness of its divine nature. It is your sensory decoder. It gives you signals and clues to when things are not right in your world. It will trigger a response within minutes of any encounter, any such attack, or imbalance, illness, or divine conversion. It is your greatest strength, it upholds your soul, and talks to you when there are problems, honor this! This vestibule is sacred, and should be treated as such. We honor you and want you to honor yourselves. Many believe that they are living a healthy lifestyle, they eat organic and they work out, but thier mind is not clean,  blocked by fear based thoughts, anger, hatred, guilt, shame. Clear the mind body and spirit so that you may align with your higher self, understand your power, and grasp the abundance and happiness of your possibilities. Your heaven should be within your heart and your body its mansion.. We love you and the perfection within you.
We ask you to see it within yourselves.
I Am Uriel
Spirit Cafe

Spirit Cafe is a NEW, once a month topic-driven discussion. The first topic will be "The Ascension." We will share information we have learned from experience and from Spirit about what The Ascension is and how to ease our passage through it. The floor will then be opened to comments, questions and suggestions from all participants. Come prepared for a lively discussion! All paths are welcome.    We understand that everything is energy and have been working with energy for many years. Throughout the duration of the meeting, we will be working with the energies that are presenting - creating clearings and healing.Although it will not be the focus of the meeting, any guidance that comes through from Spirit will be shared.    For more information about L'Vereese: www.lvereesebritten.com; for Wendy Joy: www.wendyjoy.net    The cost is $25. Please RSVP to Cosmic at events@yourcosmicconnections or 615.463.7677.
Energy In Motion Group Gallery Reading with/ L'Vereese And Wendy Joy
Sat. January 30, 2016
Together for the first time, join psychic channeling healer L'Vereese Britten and author; radio host and healer, Wendy Joy, for an evening of channeled information and healing. L'vereese will read the room and identify information necessary for you to know now. She will also identify obstacles for personal growth. Wendy will clear your blocks energetically and leave you with new, lighter energy in their place to help you achieve your life's goals, bring in the love that you desire and manifest abundance.    Both are master healers, trained in a variety of healing modalities and both are dedicated to evolve your soul; find your life's purpose and be the best version of yourself possible.
Cost: $40. RSVP to Cosmic @ events@yourcosmicconnections.com or 615.463.7677
For more information, contact L'Vereese at lvereesebritten.com or Wendy at wendyjoy.com
Private Sessions to follow. Please RSVP to Cosmic at events@yourcosmicconnections.com or 615.463.7677
Affirmations for the Month of January.
I am aligned and centered with my desires and intentions.
I can clearly see my end result and I am living it daily.